Best Minds: 艾米·卡拉, Managing Partner, East West Partners

September 24, 2020
By Cyndi Thomas, Managing Director
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How does East West Partners develop and implement an award-winning approach to placemaking?

In this episode, 外围滚球app365 Fund Advisors Managing Director, Cyndi Thomas, speaks with East West Partners Managing Partner, 艾米·卡拉, about migrating to real estate after studying finance and accounting; the balancing act of maintaining stewardship of the land, 投资者, and the community-at-large; and how to determine alignment for potential partnerships.

“There are a lot of little things we do that don’t pencil out to some specific profit… Creating those things at the start shows that a community is going to be more than a group of neighbors, but a place where you can get to know your neighbors.” – 艾米·卡拉

外围滚球app365 艾米·卡拉 & East West Partners

Amy oversees the Denver office of East West Partners. East West Partners exists to create terrific places. East West Partners develops new communities, and improves existing ones, in ways that add lasting value. As the Managing Partner in Denver, Amy oversees the team that recently completed the Denver Union Station transit redevelopment and much of the adjacent residential and office. She also oversaw the revitalization of The Landmark, a distressed mixed-use community that needed new eyes and perspective. Prior to this, Amy helped create the Riverfront Park community. More than a collection of buildings, the Riverfront Park neighborhood, Denver’s Union Station Neighborhood, and The Landmark development represent something important to Amy – creating a sense of place.

外围滚球app365 Cyndi Thomas & 外围滚球app365

Cyndi Thomas is a Managing Director at 外围滚球app365 focused on driving performance of asset plans for an extensive 投资组合 on behalf of various pension fund clients. 以前, Cyndi was a Partner and Executive Vice President at Etkin Johnson and oversaw the management, financial performance, and business strategy for the company’s extensive Colorado 投资组合. Other experience includes real estate acquisitions, 融资, restructurings, and asset management at CenterSquare Investment Management, Buchanan Street Partners, and Clarion Partners.

外围滚球app365 is proud to be the “first call” for real estate developers, 投资者, the public sector, and non-real estate organizations seeking strategic and tactical advice regarding property investment, 规划, and development. 外围滚球app365 leverages quantitative analytics and a strategic 规划 framework to provide end-to-end business 规划 and implementation solutions at an entity, 投资组合, or project level.

Topics in this episode include:

  • Migrating to real estate after studying finance and accounting
  • Denver’s Union Station and the cooperation required from otherwise competing developers to complete the project
  • Turning around The Landmark, the fractured condominium project southeast of Denver
  • The East West Partners approach to placemaking
  • The balancing act of maintaining stewardship of the land, your 投资者, and the community
  • What Amy looks for in a potential new project site
  • How to determine alignment for potential financial and project partnerships
  • Being ranked as the #1 large company to work in 2019 by the Denver Post
  • Advice regarding the role of mentorship in a successful career, including creating a personal board of advisors
  • Involvement and leadership in the Urban Land Institute


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