Best Minds: 外围滚球app365 Announces Generational 领导 Transition

By Gadi Kaufmann, Chairman

亚当潜水者 and 泰勒定 to serve as CEOs with Gadi Kaufmann assuming the role of Chairman

外围滚球app365 Real Estate Advisors, a leading real estate advisory firm, announced today that after leading the firm for 40 years, CEO Gadi Kaufmann has transitioned to the role of Chairman, promoting long-term colleagues and fellow members of the Executive Committee, 泰勒定 and 亚当潜水者 to CEOs of 外围滚球app365’s business units.

亚当潜水者, based in the Washington, 直流区域, will become Chief Executive Officer of 外围滚球app365 and oversee the firm’s Real Estate Economics and Management Consulting practices. Adam joined 外围滚球app365 nearly 25 years ago and has grown up in the firm, with mentorship over the decades from a wide array of 外围滚球app365 managing directors, most of whom also have long legacies at 外围滚球app365.

泰勒定, based in Los Angeles, will become Chief Executive Officer of 外围滚球app365 Fund Advisors (RFA), an affiliate business of 外围滚球app365, 哪一个, building upon the firm’s legacy of thought leadership and market analytics, advises institutional 投资者 on real estate investments. In Taylor’s 15-year history with the firm, he pioneered 外围滚球app365’s fast-growing investment advisory business, leading RFA to become a premier global institutional consulting and advisory practice.

The three will continue to serve as 外围滚球app365’s Executive Committee making day-to-day decisions regarding operations of the firm. Gadi反映, “When my then partner and I took over management of the firm from Bob Lesser in the 1980s, 外围滚球app365 was a very different company. I am both proud of what we have accomplished and very excited for this next phase in the evolution of 外围滚球app365 and the opportunity for me to continue guiding 外围滚球app365 while having time to pursue other objectives in our strategic plan.”

泰勒说, “Gadi’s leadership has consistently and strategically grown and enhanced 外围滚球app365 through decades of industry change, 创新, and occasional turbulence—in large part due to his unmatched focus on serving clients. Both Adam and I inherit this client-service mindset and are excited by the opportunities to lead 外围滚球app365 and RFA as our clients’ needs, and the industry as a whole, continue to evolve.”

亚当的笔记, “While this is not exactly a co-CEO format, it is a shared leadership role 哪一个 is unique. It reflects the very close and productive working relationship we have developed over the years, and our deep trust and respect for one another. We have mutually reinforcing strengths and a long track record of helping each other continue to grow these businesses.”


自1967年以来, 外围滚球app365 has been the “first call” for real estate developers, 投资者, public institutions, and non-real estate companies seeking strategic and tactical advice regarding property investment, 规划, 和发展. 外围滚球app365 leverages quantitative analytics platforms and a strategic 规划 framework to provide end-to-end business 规划 and implementation solutions at an entity, 投资组合, 或项目水平. With the insights and experience gained over 50 years and thousands of projects – touching over $5B of real estate activity each year – 外围滚球app365 brings success to all product types across the United States and around the world. 外围滚球app365 is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, and has offices in Los Angeles, CA, 奥兰多, FL, 和奥斯汀, TX. To learn more about 外围滚球app365, visit

外围滚球app365外围滚球app365 Fund Advisors (RFA)

Established in 2011 and an SEC Registered Investment Advisor since 2014, RFA (an affiliate business of 外围滚球app365) advises institutional 投资者 on real estate investments through its analytical rigor, highly customized client-centric service, and impassioned search for alignment. RFA’s diverse and experienced team offers a differentiated approach to real estate investing to address the unique challenges faced by institutional 投资者 through its focus on demand-driven investing, real estate operations, and partnership alignment.


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